Does Residential Lighting Actually Increase Your Home’s Real Estate Value?

489_163199926-Residential-LightingWhen you’re in the process of getting your home ready to sell, you probably start completing projects that will enhance the overall value of your property. For example, you might fix that crooked cabinet door or replace your old carpet with wood floors. While all of these projects can increase your property’s market value, at A&E Electrical Services LLC, we encourage you to keep in mind that putting in new residential lighting can also positively impact your home’s resale value.

Why Residential Lighting Is a Good Idea

While how much value residential lighting adds to a home varies, there are three reasons why new lighting can help your home sell for more. First, if you add light to your yard, this can increase the curb-appeal of your property so buyers are immediately impressed by your home when they arrive.

Secondly, proper lighting can ward away intruders. A buyer may feel more confident putting an offer on your home if they know that it is a secure place for them and their family to live. Lastly, whether you put up new residential lighting indoors or outdoors, good lighting can give your home that extra touch that makes your home stand out from similar properties.

Let Us Help

Remember, poorly planned lighting or faulty wiring can actually damage your home’s resale value instead of enhancing it. To ensure that installing new lighting enhances your home’s features instead of detracting from them, let us at A&E Electrical Services LLC help you with the project.

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