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How to Come Up with the Perfect Outdoor Lighting Design Plan

A&E Electrical Services (11)Outdoor lighting can improve the aesthetics and safety of your front or backyard. However, in order for your outdoor lighting to produce the effects you are looking for, it’s crucial to come up with a landscape lighting plan that highlights the right spots in your yard. Some of the best places to install outdoor lighting in your yard include:

  • Paths. A well-lit path is welcoming to anyone who stops by your home. Additionally, it can make walking to and from your home a safer process. Remember, high-illumination lights aren’t necessary – downlights will likely do the trick.
  • Focal points. Do you have a garden you want to show off? What about several unique bushes lining the front portion of your yard? Outdoor lighting is a beneficial way to highlight these features and create focal points throughout your yard.
  • Decks and patios. Lighting can be used to illuminate certain areas on your pool deck, front porch, or back patio. For example, if you have a cooking area in your backyard, using certain lighting features can provide you with a convenient way to enjoy cooking a meal outside even when it’s dark.

Too much lighting or light that is poorly installed can create light pollution that creates glare, wastes energy, shines into the inside of your home, or detracts from your yard’s key features. To ensure your outdoor lighting plan truly benefits your yard, work with us at A&E Electrical Services LLC for all of your lighting needs.

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