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Is LED Under Cabinet Lighting Really Worth It?

Under Cabinet LightingNot only is LED under cabinet lighting aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also practical. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should install LED under cabinet lighting, we believe that it’s definitely worth it for a few key reasons:

  • Long-Lasting Light – We realize that replacing light bulbs every few months is a pain. However, with LED under cabinet lighting, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of constantly replacing your under cabinet lights because LED lights have a reputation of lasting for several years.
  • Choice – When it comes to LED under cabinet lighting, you’re not limited in your choices. From globe-shaped bulbs to spot and down lights, your options are almost endless. We can help you come up with an under cabinet lighting solution that meets your needs and matches the look you’re going for.
  • Operating Temperature – Many traditional light bulbs emit about 98% of their light in heat. While this may not initially seem like that big of a deal, using incandescent and other standard forms of lighting for your under cabinet lighting may create a fire hazard in your kitchen, office, or laundry room. LED under cabinet lighting is a much safer option because these light bulbs burn cool.
  • Clean Light – LED lights are white and cast a clean glow when they are turned on. Although LED under cabinet lighting is often used in practical situations where light is needed, it can also be used for mood-evoking purposes.

If you’re still not convinced that LED under cabinet lighting is a beneficial solution for your lighting needs, give us a call for more information about its benefits.

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