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Pool Lighting Tips for in and Around Your Pool

Pool LightingWithout pool lighting in and around your pool, this water feature just isn’t complete. Not only will pool lighting allow you to use your pool both during the day and at night, but it can also ensure you and your family members stay safe while taking a swim after the sun goes down.

In Your Pool

Most pools typically have two lights that illuminate the water at night. These lights are generally placed at opposite ends of the pool, one in the deepest area and one in the shallowest area. If you have an above-ground pool, you will likely need a floodlight mounted to a nearby tree or your house to properly light up your pool at night. If your pool lacks proper underwater or above-ground lighting fixtures, we can provide you with solutions.

Around Your Pool

Softly lighting the area around your pool is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of this living space. We recommend:

  • Strategically placing lights to shine on the branches of trees or bushes near the water.
  • Placing lights along the pathways leading to your pool.
  • Lighting up the steps and patio near your pool to prevent tripping over shrubs and patio furniture after you head back inside after a nighttime swim.

If you don’t feel like you spend nearly as much time enjoying your pool as you should, proper pool lighting can draw you outside, so you’ll want to spend your evenings out there. To find out more about lighting your pool and the landscaping that surrounds it, get in touch with us at A&E Electrical Services today.

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