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Set the Atmosphere and Mood in Your Home with Decorative Lights

Decorative LightsThe decorative lights you use throughout your home directly affect your home’s atmosphere and mood. If you want to use more decorative lights throughout your living space, here are a few tips that can help you get flattering and practical results.

Stop and Think. Before you do anything else, ask yourself the following questions:

    • What types of activities regularly take place in your home?
    • What decorative features do you want to accentuate?
    • What is the general layout of your home like?
    • What types of lighting fixtures already exist throughout your home?

To create an inviting atmosphere in your home, it is best to use 3 to 5 different sources of decorative lights in every room based on your house’s layout, decorative scheme, and usage needs.

Coordinate Your Look. If you’re struggling to find several different light sources you like, try sticking to lights with the same finish and style in each room. This will create a unified appearance.

Brighten Up Dark Areas. If you have rooms decorated using primarily darker hues, you will need to use more lighting. However, this doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, just placing a few table lamps throughout a darker room can make a world of difference.

Show Off Your Style. The lighting fixtures you use don’t have to blend into the background of your home. Think of using more decorative lights as an opportunity to illuminate darker spaces; accentuate artwork, furniture, and other decorations that you love; and ultimately show off your unique personality.

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