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Update Your Home’s Kitchen Lighting in 3 Easy Steps!

Kitchen LightingUpdating your kitchen lighting can add value and beauty to your home. However, you may not have a ton of time in your schedule or funds in your wallet to completely revamp this room’s lighting scheme. If you want to give your kitchen lighting an update, here’s how to do it in three easy steps:

  • Replace Old Fixtures- Has your kitchen used the same fixtures since the 1970s? To almost instantaneously give your kitchen a modern feel, replace these old fixtures with new ones. To achieve the best illumination in this space, try using a balanced lighting system. This can be done by using multiple light sources that come from various elevations throughout your kitchen.
  • Get Rid of Incandescent Bulbs- Incandescent bulbs and other halogen light sources are basically just heat-producing lamps. Replace these old bulbs with cooler, more energy-efficient solutions like CFL or LED lamps.
  • Light Up Your Cabinets- To accentuate your kitchen’s unique design, illuminate this space with under-cabinet lights. Not only can cabinet lighting provide your kitchen with an elevated level of aesthetics, but this type of lighting is also extremely practical.  Never again will you struggle to see your laptop as you pay bills in your kitchen or see a recipe card as you make dinner.

If you want to take things a few steps beyond these simple kitchen lighting updates, contact us at A&E Electrical Services LLC. We’ll provide you with solutions to affordably and efficiently light up your kitchen and beautify this space.

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